Sharing Cultures 2019 - change of Venue / dates

The Organising Committee is very sorry to inform that the number of registrations / submitted abstracts to this Conference is not enough to ensure its financial viability. From several messages we received we are convinced that this was (at least partially) due to forthcoming "Brexit" and inherent uncertainty on what will really happen.

In order to keep the Conference in 2019, we are planing to run it in parallel with another Green Lines conference that will be held in Guimarães, Portugal from 17 to 19 July 2019, under the same logistics arrangements of the other conference. Sharing Cultures 2019 will thus be possible even with a relatively small number of Delegates (we are foreseeing 40 up to 50). Conference fees will be reduced to 480 euros.

This website will be soon edited accordingly.

We are deeply sorry it will not be possible to organise Sharing Cultures 2019 in Edinburgh as originally planned and we hope you understand our reasons.

Green Lines also wishes to acknowledge and to thank Professor Alison and Alistair McCleery for their tireless efforts to make the Conference possible in Edinburgh.

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