The city of Barcelos

SHARING CULTURES 2017 will be held at Barcelos, an ancient town on the North west part of Portugal.

Around 40 km away from the city of Porto, Barcelos is a quiet town located in the heart of the Minho region, in the north of Portugal. With about 126 000 inhabitants, Barcelos is characterized by many young people and a high level of population growth. Inserted in the Green Coast area, Barcelos is surrounded by a beautiful landscape that involves the river Cávado.

Besides that wonderful scenery, the region is recognized for its gastronomy and handicraft, mainly pottery. The well known rooster of Barcelos is a national tourism symbol, together with the Legend of the Cock. Today, Barcelos is best known for its pottery, most notably the brightly-painted clay cockerel, whose crowing saved a man from the gallows according to the local legend.

Like Portuguese people in general, people from Barcelos are known for their hospitality and joy. Barcelos congratulates for its security, which means that it is a town where people can walk around at night with no special precautions.

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Museu de Olaria (Pottery Museum)


The venue of SHARING CULTURES 2017 will be held at "Museu de Olaria" (Pottery Museum).

R. Cónego Joaquim Gaiolas
4750-306 Barcelos
Tel. +351 253 824 741

The Pottery Museum was created in 1963, following the donation of a very valuable collection gathered by the ethnographer Joaquim Sellés Paes Villas Boas. It was originally named “Regional Museum of Ceramics”, later on known as the Museum of the “Portuguese Popular Pottery”. Its collection continued growing and became a true compilation of the national pottery; the institution was renamed as the ‘Pottery Museum”. Located in the historic centre of the city in the – House of Mendanhas, the building had two major interventions (1995 and 2013) in order to accomplish the objectives of the institution. Covering an area of 2,000mt², the Pottery Museum holds an asset of nearly 9 000 objects. It represents the national as well as other Portuguese-speaking countries pottery traditions.

The Pottery Museum main mission is to protect, study, document, and disseminate collections of pottery that are part of its compilation. It also promotes, supports and assists in studying and preserving, the heritage of pottery production centres in Portugal.

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