Conference topics

Abstracts and papers may be submitted under the following topics.

01- Oral traditions and expressions

Under "Oral traditions and expressions" Authors may present research work on language and communication, mainly if considered as means to express or transmit intangible cultural heritage.

02- Performing arts

"Performing arts" will accommodate all contributions on music (instrumental and human voice), dance and theatre in their traditional, classical, ethnographic, or other forms.

03- Social practices

The topic of "Social practices" will include all forms of social intercourse, corresponding to day-to-day life activities, rituals (religious or non-religious) and festive events that mark the way of life of a certain human group; under this topic gastronomy will also have a place.

04- Traditional craftsmanship

"Traditional craftsmanship" will gather contributions on various forms of material production, having in mind that all material culture has an intangible meaning and that the "know-how" is it-self intrinsically intangible.

05- Management and promotion of intangible heritage

Under "Management and promotion of intangible cultural heritage" Authors are invited to share their experience and research related to the actual management and promotion of ICH elements, such as evidence and documentation.

06- Authenticity of intangible heritage

The issue of "authenticity" is to be discussed under this topic. Authenticity in terms of the "invented traditions", or authenticity in terms of adapting traditions and know-how to present situations; authenticity can be approached from a diversity of angles and in this topic authors are invited to deeply discuss what should nowadays be considered "authentic" in the realm of intangible heritage.

07- Intangible heritage and education

"Intangible cultural heritage and education" is previewed to add substantial value to the discussion of educational opportunities for ICH elements, to report on experiences and field work relating ICH elements and national curricula and to present theoretical work and research that relates ICH and educational aims and goals.

08- Special Chapter: Pilgrimage Routes

Under this topic authors may present research on the cultural and historical importance of ancient pilgrimage routes to preservation of intangible heritage, and also as a factor for religious, toursitc and economic development.